3 Reasons to Buy Aurora Stock Now [Prices, News & Forecast]

Investing in Marijuana stocks has become increasingly popular and has also gained a lot of credibility by serious investors. With these favorable circumstances and the expansion of legalization all over the world the weed market is definitely here to stay. In this article, we will discuss the Aurora Cannabis stock which is currently one of the most popular marijuana stocks on the market.

Aurora Cannabis General Information

Being on the market since 2016, Aurora Cannabis has now three state of the art growing facilities called Aurora sky, Aurora Vie, and Aurora Mountain. With these production facilities, they are able to sell at least 8 different strains of dried buds which range in THC and CBD levels making it suitable for every patient. In addition to this, Aurora Cannabis also sells 4 different kinds of Cannabis oils for those who do not like to smoke or vape dried flower. And to make sure they can really help all their patients they even sell soft gels containing THC.

CEO:Terry Booth
Founded in:2013
Headquarters:Edmonton, Canada
Exchange:NYSE: ACB

Aurora Cannabis Stock Forecast & Predictions

If we, first of all, have a look at the acquisition behavior of Aurora Cannabis we can see fairly easy that they are not joking around. Instead of fighting their rival companies, Aurora just buys them. In January of 2018, for example, Aurora Cannabis bought Cannimed for more than $1 billion. And as if that is not enough Aurora made the biggest Marijuana deal in history in July of 2018 by buying Medreleaf for more than $2.5 billion. These acquisitions have not only made them the largest supplier of medical Marijuana but also gave them a lot more inside knowledge and assets to continue growing.

With the upcoming legalization, Aurora Cannabis is already anticipating on this rise in demand. By building their latest facility called Aurora Sky they will be ready when legalization is completed. Aurora started building in 2018 and expects to be ready at the beginning of 2019. When the growing facility is completely finished Aurora Cannabis will produce a whopping 8.000 kilograms of high-grade marijuana per month.

In addition to this, we can also see that Aurora Cannabis is not only striving to be the biggest but also strives to be the most efficient Cannabis producer. In the Aurora Sky facility, for example, they have placed a glass ceiling which allows them to use the sun as a natural energy source for their plants to grow. And if that is not enough they even melt the snow that falls on their roofs in the winter and use this water for their plants. Smart and innovative ideas like these will result in lower average production costs which of course means more profit. Last quarter the average production costs were $1,94 per gram, With Aurora sky facility they are now aiming at an average production cost of below $1 per gram.

This increased efficiency can also be seen in the length of their growing cycles. While average Cannabis producers will harvest their buds 2/3 times a year Aurora Cannabis can harvest their flowers a staggering six times a year.

Aurora Cannabis Stock News

Now that you know why Aurora Cannabis is such a big player on the current marijuana stock market it is time to start investing. Make sure you never invest more than you can lose and make sure to understand the new world of investing in Marijuana stocks.

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