5 Best Ways of Making Hash

Since the making of Hash has gained popularity in the west the different methods of making hashish have further developed as well. This article will show the five most common methods used to make hash.

What is Hash?

Hash originated in the Middle-east where farmers have been growing fields full of the mainly Indica cannabis plants for decades. When the cannabis plants are ready to be harvest they will be chopped down and placed in a dark chamber for drying. When the plants are dry they will be placed on a sieve and beaten with sticks in order to separate the trichomes from the plant. Once this process is completed the farmers have loads of trichomes or kief which can be treated with pressure or heat to create Hash.

Therefore Hash is nothing more than trichomes that are crushed by heat, pressure or both. However, since the rise of hashish in the west multiple ways of separating trichomes using different kinds of strains have emerged. This has caused a wide variety of different Hashish. We have selected the five most used ways and explain them.


Five Different Ways of Making Hash

While ‘making Hash’ can only occur by crushing the trichomes with pressure or heat there are different ways of separating the trichomes from the plant material. Each different way will create a different kind of hash with its own flavor and potency.

1. Charas

This way of making hash refers to using your own hands to create pressure and heat. With this method, fresh buds that are ripe to be harvest will be placed between the hands. Moving the buds up and down between your hands will cause the sticky trichomes to attach to your hands. This friction between the hands also creates heat and pressure causing the trichomes to be converted into hashish. While this method is favored because of its great taste it is not the purest way as plant material is easily blended into the trichomes.

In this video, you see Arjan Roskam aka ‘King of Cannabis’ who is the founder of Green House seeds company. He devoted his life to finding strains all over the world and creating new kinds of strains. In this video, he is in Jamaica watching how the Rastafari’s make their own Charas. If you would like to find out more about Arjan and his work you can visit his website here.

2. Bubble Hash/ Ice Hash

Bubble hash refers to a way of separating trichomes with use of bubble bags and ice. The name originates from the fact that this method creates such a pure form of hash that it will start to bubble if you would light the hashish. This method is pretty common in the west and is often executed with trims from the cannabis plant. By mixing the trim with ice and water the low temperature will cause the trichomes to be separated from the plant material. The special filters of the bubble bags will then filter the trichomes out of the water so it can be dried and pressed into hash. A full guide to making your own piece of bubble hash with or without bubble bags can be found here.

3. Dry Ice Hash

While the former method uses normal ice and water this method will only use dry ice and a bubble bag. The idea again is the same, placing dry ice and your trim into a bubble bag will cause the trichomes to separate from the plant material. After they are separated shaking the bag will cause the trichomes to fall through the filter of the bubble bag. The difference with the normal bubble bag method is that the trichomes don’t get wet. This affects the flavor and taste of the hash but makes it also a faster way because the trichomes don’t have to dry a couple of days.

4. Dry Sieve Hash

This Method is the old fashion way of the Middle-east farmers and therefore also the first method used to make hashish. The trichomes are separated by using large special sieve screens. The plant can be placed on the screen as a whole but grounded up buds are possible as well. By gently tapping the screen with hands or a stick the trichomes will fall through the screen and can be gathered on a smooth surface below the screen. The quality depends heavily on the duration and intensity of the tapping on the screen as eventually more and more small plant material will fall through as well.

5. Pollinator Hash

The Pollinator method works the same as the dry sieve method but operates automatically. The round compartment is a sieve in which the flower trim can be placed. Once the trim is in the sieve the machine can be turned on causing it to spin around. While spinning around more and more trichomes will fall through and can be gathered at the bottom of the box. Again, the longer the machine is turned on the lower quality of the hashish will be ass more small plant materials fall through the screen. This method is most suitable when dealing with larger amounts of plant material.

Now you know the different methods of making hashish you are able to distinguish better between the different sorts of a hash there are on the market. However, take note that the difference is not only determined by the production method but also by the strain that is used. Do you have your own piece of hash and think that you are able to guess the production method? Send in a picture of your hashish including the method of choice to us and we will post it!

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