Thousand Times & East Side Edibles Give Back To The Community

Sixteen months ago music producer turned mogul ‘Thousand Times’ CEO of East Side Edibles pioneered vending Delta 8 edibles and flowers in America’s #1 Arts district NODA (North Davidson), Charlotte, NC.

During that time the brand has been embraced by the community and has flourished into something legendary. As a small token of appreciation, East Side Edibles has been distributing upwards of 50 free frozen treats per week to help pedestrians beat the heat. The free Icee campaign will continue through August and everyone is invited!

East Side Edibles has grown from a scrappy underdog to a leader in the cannabis industry. By fostering relationships with a multitude of brands and working with companies outside of their niche the CBD & D8 edibles company has grown exponentially. Offering fast shipping to over 32 Delta-8 legal states! Check out today! Use code 420 for free shipping!

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