How to use Kratom Powder? : Ultimate Guide

There are scarce people who don’t love kratom. Otherwise, there is nothing that can stop you from using kratom. They are widely spread all over the world and are available in tons of different forms. Tinctures, extracts, capsules, powders, etc., never fail to surprise with their taste and benefits. Incorporating kratom in your lives is like giving a boost to your daily holistic routines. As kratom powder is the most robust form because it is sourced from the kratom tree, people absolutely love its effects. Directly consuming the powder will feel quite intense, bitter, and herbal; otherwise, mixing the powder in beverages and food can help you disguise the taste.  

If most of you are new to the kratom journey and wondering how to use this magical kratom powder; then, this article will benefit you. For those who are an expert and looking to adopt new ways to take your daily dose of kratom, this post will consist of it all. From making capsules to classic toss-and-wash to smoothies, you can indeed add kratom powder to your wellness regimen. 

How to identify kratom? 

There is no doubt that many people get confused between what kratom looks like and how it is consumed because it is unique from other illicit drugs and opioids. Moreover, if you are one of them, this section will informatively help you understand this doubt. As far as the variety of medications, kratom is new to the scene. It is a natural botanical substance with unlimited benefits and can be used as an herbal supplement. 

For instance, the kratom leaves from the tree can be directly eaten raw or crushed and brewed for tea. Consuming a capsule is the other way, in which the leaves are converted into powdered form and are incorporated into the capsule. The most common, safe, and preferable method of consuming kratom involves drying kratom leaves and then cruising them to form a powder that can be swallowed directly or with a combination of food. 

What is kratom powder? 

Kratom powder

Do you know the traditional way of consuming kratom? Yes, you are guessing it right; people often smoke or consume pure kratom leaves. According to them, this is the most accessible form to acquire the benefits of the kratom plant. However, with an increase in popularity, people have started experimenting with this herbal supplement with an increase in popularity. As a result, people have discovered many ways to consume it. Some people prefer using tinctures or extracts. By far, the most popular and advantageous, however, is kratom powder. The kratom powder is made from drying out the leaves and thus leave a wonderful texture and earthy smell. 

Pros of consuming kratom powder

Unlike directly consuming leaves or stems of kratom, kratom powder is also a versatile option with lots and lots of benefits. You can mix kratom powder with other ingredients to enhance the taste and effects. However, according to some enthusiasts, extract is the most potent option. And extract tincture can be easily used by incorporating it into food and beverages. Moreover, tinctures are the best option to start small with the kratom. You can learn how your body responds to kratom with the help of kratom powder.

The dosage plays a vital role in different effects and benefits. For instance, kratom acts as a stimulant at low doses by giving an energetic feeling. Furthermore, at medium doses, it helps in reducing pain and anxiety by increasing a sense of euphoria. Moreover, it may be sedative at higher doses and make consumers quiet and sleepy. 

The effects also depend on whether users inhibit the kratom powder on an empty stomach or after having some food. The benefits vary with the people, so start slowly, check how your body reacts to it, and then enjoy it.   

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How to take kratom powder?

 1. The idea of mixing it with beverages

Generally, the most straightforward way to take kratom powder is to consume it with a glass of water or into water.  Put a spoon of kratom powder into a glass of water, mix it well, and drink. And voila! You are done with it. It is the quickest and easiest way to consume the powder with little or no preparation. However, some people do not like drinking it because it masks the raw taste of kratom. It has a bitter and grassy flavor. Therefore, you can rely on different drinks like orange juice and coffee to enhance the taste and make it more enjoyable.

Moreover, you can also try a favored medium by mixing the powder into a cup of hot boiling water and stirring thoroughly. Now, add honey, agave juice, coconut oil, stevia, or even maple syrup to reduce the bitterness of the kratom. On the whole, mixing the kratom powder with beverages is the best way to deliver kratom into your body. 

2. Kratom capsules

There is no better way to use your kratom powder than in the form of capsules. The taste and ease of taking it anywhere are its excellent benefits. They are discreet,  and you can consume them while traveling or at work. They help navigate your everyday stress by boosting your energy levels and providing a sense of euphoria. The reason why people mostly love capsules is that it is an easy way to determine your dosage. The capsules contain a precise amount of powder, meaning you don’t have to confuse yourself with measurements. Moreover, they also bypass the pungent taste completely. However, the effects of the capsule might take a longer time to get in your body due to the slow breakdown. 

3. Toss and wash method

Another exciting way to consume powder is via the “toss and wash” method. The name sounds so interesting, right?  As the name suggests, the process starts by tossing the powder into the back of your throat. You should never breathe it in or swallow it. Now, just grab a glass full of water and immediately gulp it. Swish the water in your mouth two to three times to thoroughly mix with the powder. Now, after approx 10 seconds, swallow it. Drink another swig of water to pass the remaining powder through the food pipe. 

It is a quick and efficient method that delivers the kratom directly to your stomach. However, as a first-time consumer, this method might hesitate you or cause couch or gag. But after three two five trials, you will be an expert in this method. It just needs some practice to get used to it. 


Now, you have found out the best way to consume kratom through powder. The effects totally depend on the type of strain and the dosage, but it will surely leave you with relaxation, energy, and pain relief. The kratom powder makes it possible for you to enjoy your whole experience in the best way. Now you don’t have to think of the method for using your kratom powder because the methods mentioned in this post will indeed spice up your daily kratom routine.  

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